you know, I find it sad wanting to be thin is considered ‘unhealthy’ and wanting to be ‘fit’ is dubbed acceptable here on tumblr. 

when in reality, it’s the same thing. They’re just two different body types. Some people prefer to be willowy and dainty, while others might want to have strong muscles and a toned body

I don’t see why we have to shame one or the other.. 

the same goes for people who are okay with being heavy or thick. 

why can’t we just accept people who they want to be, and stop judging them? 

yeah, I know the thinspo tag is scary. A lot of it is filled with anorexia pictures and quotes encouraging you not to eat-

so I can understand why people are against ‘thinspiration’…

but it doesn’t mean being thin is wrong. It’s just means people are abusing the tag and using it for the wrong reasons.

eh, am I making sense here? … I just felt like ranting because this all has been on my mind lately.

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